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Brand New For China

Public Eyesore

To call them the last survivors of free-jazz in Netherlands, wouldn’t do much favor for Cactus Truck, a Last Exit-cum-Cut-inspired trio of John Dikeman (soprano, tenor and baritone saxophone), Jasper Stadhouders (electric bass-guitar and electric guitar), and Onno Govaert (drums). What this trio creates best is a tension on a wall of sound and in your face kind of expression, with muscular engagement becoming stickier and punchier – even punkier! – a composition by composition. In other words, it’s modern by all means; and don’t be obtruded if the title “Coitophobe” follows with “Sweet Movie”, a reference to Dušan Makavejev’s flick of sexual repression. The studio cut is mixed by crafty Colin McLean (of Dog Faced Hermans, remember?), while the initial release was produced in LP format, thus divided in two sections of five pieces, while the CD provides two extra tracks. Highly enjoyable, quite unforgettable.


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Ayler Records

Szilard Mezei’s an author who has been living in Szenta, on the border between Serbia’s northern region of Voivodina, and southeastern Hungary, not so far from Transylvanian neighborhood of Romania. Voivodina is a country of many ethnologic plies, whose multicultural folk has been suffering for centuries cornered by their position of strangers and minorities on the wrong side of the tracks. It is to say that Mezei’s international reputation owes a lot to his collaboration with French choreographer Josef Nadj, few releases on Leo Records, and the heritage of Ellington-, Braxton-, and Mingus-inflected manuscript. A sound of viola that adds to an unique trademark of this maverick artist, who prefers to play with as little amplification as he can, while producing projects that count on the readiness of his partners to play strictly acoustic.

The musicians from the Wind Quartet are the exceptional Bogdan Ranković on clarinet and alto sax, Branislav Aksin on trombone and Kornel Papista on tuba. With its puls slowed down to the pace below EKG’s minimum, The Wind Quartet’s first CD entitled »We Were Watching the Rain«, connotates with jazz requiem, and to much extent on the long frames of Bela Tarr’s films supported by Andras Wig’s legato long notes. Although the introducing »A megoldas lehetetlen valtozatai/ The Impossible variations of Solutions« works with a strong ostinato phrase on the brass, the development of the improvisational material at relaxed pace is still at work throughout the album; it may be even depicted as an overdose of pathos. The album’s longest piece »Nagymacska/Big Cat«, contains some funny onomatopoeia in relation to the title, alternating with pizzicatto of viola that improvises antiphonicly versus the chamber ensemble, followed by an alto sax. The final composition »Regi tanc/Old dance«, as relaxed as its author, so subtly ripe, may also imply a stance of this composer, who doesn’t want to or need to pretend, that he is running after something, or that he isn’t living the stressful life of his metropolitan peers who create improvised music as a surplus of living in a capitalistic society.

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Cirkulacija 2 in Zagreb

Noise As a Metaphor

Pogon Jedinstvo

[Trnjanski nasip bb]

Kontejner & Radio 808

“Cirkulacija 2 is an artists’ initiative based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The name originates from the hall that we are currently squatting – the heating station at former bicycle factory Rog. The name nicely points to the principles that we try to elaborate through our collective work: the principles of evolving our production through series of projects – and trying to lay stress on the processual nature of artists’ work. We are mainly working in technological areas, which involve media approaches to art (radio, television, video, …robots, mechanisms, devices, …). And as a glue – the demand for intelligent social behavior.”